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after a while 不久,过一会儿 After a while,he was asleep. in a while adv.过一会,过不久 once in a while 偶尔 She haves a headache once in a while for a short while 暂时 短短一会儿 The road is closed to traffic for a short while. ...

after a while 不久,过一会儿; 不一会儿; After a while, the sickness gradually passed and she struggled to the mirror. 过了一会儿,她渐渐不那么恶心了,挣扎着到了镜子前。

1. for a while :for a period of time暂时;片刻;一会儿 *Wait for a little while,as I shallbe back in a few minutes.等一会儿,因为我马上就回来。 *Let's rest for a while.让我们休息一会儿。 *Why don't you lay that difficult ma...

after a while 固定短语 不久,过一会儿 精小锐

in a while句末 例句: I will leave for Beijing in a while(我马上就去北京) after a while句首 例句 After a while,we began to have a picnic。过不久,我们就开始野餐 for a while 也是句末 例句 I have watched TV for a while(我只看了...

soon after 不单独使用。后面要有介词从句。意思是:在,,之后不久,或马上。可根据介词后从句时态来选择主句时态。如 soon after you arrive there ,you will call me . after a while是一介词短语可以单独使用做句子的时间状语。用过去时。如...

after a while 过了一会儿,不久 after a time ,很少用,几乎不用。一段时间后

你刚刚有没有看到Tony after a while 是表示在一段时间内翻译成刚刚就好 or not表示疑问

while表示一段时间 while在这里指“一会;一小会” 句意:你一会之后有没有看到Tony?


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