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有道那是机器瞎翻/a couple of weeks

【翻译】几周 【解释】a couple of 指几天,并不具体指多少 再如:a couple of days 几天 答案看完了,就采纳一个呗!拜托啦!嘿嘿 百度答题人伤不起呀~~~ %>_


a couple of [英][ə ˈkʌpl ɔv][美][e ˈkʌpəl ʌv] 两个, 几个; 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句: 1. Responsive means a couple of things. 易响应意味着两件事 . __________________________________ 很高...


小题1:D小题1:D小题1:B小题1:D 小题1:D这是一道归纳题.根据第二段"Trevor used it to get to work...And the bike was also used to get groceries,"可知自行车是Trevor家工作和日常生活的交通工具.小题1:D这是一道推理题.根据第一段"While mos...

A couple夫妻;情人 A couple is two people who are married, living together, or having a sexual relationship. (A couple是指两个已结婚的人、住在一起或有性关系的两个人) A couple 一对人,两个人 A couple is two people that you see...

couples of times 次数稍多

几个星期以后 a couple of 几个;三两个。。。 很高兴为你解答! 老师祝你学习进步! 请及时采纳哦!多谢你的问题!^_^

a couple of 两个, 几个 例句: He patched up a couple of old tires. 他补了几条旧车胎。 The bowler let go a couple of scorchers. 投球手投出了几个快球。 Give the bottle a couple of shakes before pouring the juice. 倒果汁前,先把瓶...

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