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with love for life 伴随一生的爱 希望能帮到你, 如有疑问,可追问~

With my life,for you love dearly用我的生命,为你心疼例句: I love you more than my life. 我爱你胜过我的生命. 1.Sometimesyou just have to pretend that you are happy just to stop everyone from asking you that the hell happened. 有...

【直译】每个人都曾经误会过,可以说是幸福,不能说是孤单。 【意译】每个人都犯过错,绝非孤单,更多的是幸福。 【解析】wrong做动词,是指冤枉,无理地对待,诽谤

Where there's a will, there's a way, kinda beautiful 有志者事竟成,有些美丽 And every night has its day, so magical 每个夜晚总伴随著白天,多有魔力 And if there's love in this life, there's no obstacle 如果生命中有爱,那就无碍 T...

15)With love one can live even without haooiness.有爱,即使没有幸福,一...I prefer having your accompanying for life-long time to the short-time ...

Thank you for this life, my love, this life with you, it is my pleasure 感谢你的今生,我的爱,今生和你在一起,这是我的荣幸



如果可能的话,我想爱你一辈子. 希望能帮到你。 我等着你采纳哟,不明还可以追问的,嘻嘻!


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