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ThE olD mAn tolD thE Boy A story对thE olD mAn提问

Who told the boy a story? 包对,好评~


Who(m) did the old man tell a story ten minutes ago?

男孩告诉我他的以及这个老人的故事 满意请采纳

英语是:The old man told a story to the boy. 词汇解释: old 英[əʊld] 美[oʊld] adj. 老的; 古老的; 以前的; (用于...

boy前加a ; when去掉 ; cooker改为cook ; but改为and ; about后加to ; shake改为shaking ; his改为her ; apologize改为apologized ; me改为myself ; month改为months 略

1C 2C 3D 4C 5A 6D 7C 8D 9C 10D

the United States 美国 the United Nations 联合国 7. 表示方向、方位 in the east 在东方 in the front 在前面 in the bottom 在底部 on the right 在右边 8. 在海洋、江河、湖泊、山脉、海峡、海湾等地理名词前 the Pacific Ocean 太平洋 the...

后面是?就选a 后面是。选c 作代词,这,这样的事

When I was young, people around me of the told me the story “The Shepherd’s Boy and the Wolf “ in order to educate me to be an honest person. At that age, in my opinion, it was just a story written by my parents or other people...

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