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ThE mothEr with hEr son wAs At my homE( )thAt ...

D 考查介词用法。第一空主语是the mother 而with后面的成分只是做伴随状语,故用was ,而第二空是在那个下雪的夜晚,故用介词on.


小题1:C小题2:B小题3:B小题4:B小题5:A 试题分析:这篇文章讲述了一个妈妈带着他的儿子坐公交车去动物园,妈妈给了售票员150分钱,售票员给了她一张半的票。小题1:细节题。根据文章A mother and her young son get into a bus in a small city a...

一只骆驼妈妈和她的儿子正在穿过沙漠.他们在找水和草.儿子问妈妈水和草长啥样.妈妈回答到水是蓝色的,想天空一样,草是绿色的很好的(这个nice,我有点小疑惑). 在他们走了一天一夜后,儿子突然大叫到,"看那,妈妈,那有水和草!" "多啥的话啊,孩子." 水...



1. grandfather 2. grandfather 3. uncle


Yesterday my son, daughter and I went to the grocery store. Ahead of us in line was a little girl with her mother. The little girl was asking her mother for a box of Smarties. She was asking very politely and you could see it a...

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