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Sorry For rEplying(to you/your EmAil) so lAtE.

Sorry for replying so late? 就可以了 加上其他的是画蛇添足

How are you ? I'm so sorry for returning the letter so late. My computer is comletely off now and it takes time to have a new one, ...

I'm so sorry to reply you so late 不好意思,这么晚给你答复。 be sorry to do sth. 不好意思做某事 reply to sb 答复某人 赞同请采纳!

Hello, please check the sales slip, if changed are needed, please contact me as soon as possible. I was out of town for a few days, ...

I'm so sorry for replying to your letter late. reply vi,一般后面接名词。

不对,要改成"reply to"才对!reply是不及物动词,要跟介词“to”搭配。即改成: I'm so sorry for replying to you late.[很抱歉这么晚才给你回复。]

Sorry for the late reply. 抱歉这麽迟才答覆你。 I am so sorry for the late reply for this email as we need to negotiate the price with the client. “非常抱歉,因为需要与客户商讨价格,因此邮件的回复晚…

Dear Narayana, I'm sorry, back to you so late, because I from the university graduate, began my work. Thank you to me great help, this ...

I'm sorry that it's late to reply your mail. I work at a small company which sells electric parts in XXX. Actually, I just got a partime job here.Today is a busy day and I feel kind of tired. How about you?

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