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英语改错 10 处

great--greatly my--his laughed--laughed at wonder--wondering in the calm voice--in a calm voice because of---because word--words does--did embarrassed--embarrassing ours---our 采纳哦

I am the monitor of our classes. Serveral days ago, I helped my teacher arrange the class trip to a scuplture park. We visited the sculpture park before the trip to note anything that may cause accidents. By doing so, my teache...

My soccer coach retired in(去掉in) last week. I wanted to do anything(改something) special for him at his retirement party. My mum makes the better(改best) biscuits in the world, so I decide to ask her for help. Mum taught me s...

1.hoped->hope>with>are 4.such->much 5.tiring->tired 6.his->their 7.already->have 8.the->these 9.carried->carrying 10.problems->problem

第二行 felt~feel 第三行 arrive后面加in 第五行 advices~advice 第五行 yourself~you 第六行 habit~habits 第六行 live~living 第八行 like~as 第十行 Therefore~Besides 第十一行 that~which 还有一个错,等等

第一行第十一个单词was改成is第一行最后一个单词beautifully改成beautiful第二行第五个单词so改成too第二行最后一个单词wear改成wore第三行One day when I was in (a) library加上a第三行最后一个单词改成show第四行第二个单词important改成imp...

文章太模糊了只能找到部分错误 第二行 去掉most 第二行 Use-Using 第三行 great前面加of 第六行 bad-worse 第七行 play-playing 第八行 that-where 第八行 in-on

1, about—- from 2, 删除that,或者改为the 3, with—- in 4, you—- I 5, preparing—- prepared 6, native—- natives 7, used 后加 to 8, especia—- especially 9, Therefor—- However 10, 删掉few前的 a

行2:was 改为 is 行3:stand 改为 standing ; my 改为 his

第一行 usually~usual 第二行 calling~called 第三行 here~there 第三行 America~American 第三行 both~all 第五行 them~it 第六行 talk~talked 第六行 player~players 第七行 other前面加the 第八行 去掉to

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