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MM inner mmonologue

内心独白: Inner monologue monologue 英 ['mɒn(ə)lɒg] 美 ['mɑnəlɔɡ] n. 独白


We already walked too far, down to we had forgotten why embarked. By Kahlil Gibran 这是黎巴嫩著名诗人纪伯伦一句有名的诗句。

在内心里 英文翻译 within; at heart;

Love you. Cherish you. Be with you.

1.独角戏 a monologue;【方言】a one-man show 2.独白 "Monologue 基本是一个说法!!

1.a soft tongue 动听的话语 2.sing beautifully 唱得动听 3.The sound of music is pleasant to the ear. 音乐声很动听 4.attractive story 动听的故事 5.celestial music 美妙动听的音乐 6.That music sounds beautiful. 那音乐优美动听. 7.A ...

你好! 自白 confessions 英[kən'feʃnz] 美[kən'feʃnz] n. 承认( confession的名词复数 ); 自首; 声明; (向神父的) 忏悔; [例句]Some magistrates have abused their powers of arrest to extort confessions. 有些地方执...

Selina, my affinity. You will be in sunlight soon. Roma, Florence,Venice - the places I long to visit with you. There is no longing in me now. You have taken all. You have the last thread of my heart. I wonder,when the thread g...

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