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靠 我也一样意见 可惜来晚了 "Simplicity" doesn't mean "simple". 很多文章中会加上引号做强调 而Simplicity is not simple.这个说法并不合适。 另外还有一句话可能lz用得上 就是"Less is more." 这也是一种设计哲学,存在于工业设计,建筑设计...

方便 [fāng biàn] n. convenience ; facility ; amenity ; conveniency ; expedience 短语 方便商品 convenience goods 携带方便 Portable and convenient ; convenient to carry ; Easy to carry ; Take convenience 安装方便 Easy installatio...

常用外贸英语 1) This is the rough quotation after the shipping from our factory, and the specific prices will be provided by our headquarters in U.S.A. 2) We are badly sorry that we can't ship the goods in time due to our suppl...

Simple, easy, not hard

前者吧 根据亚里士多德所说 友情分为哪三种?

Today I recommend a good English song《big big world》. This is my favorite English song, because it's the lyrics are simple and easy to understand, sounds very relaxing.whenever I am in a bad mood, I will listen to this song f...

这是王尔德的名言 原句:Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken. 意即;做好你自己,别人已经有人占了

操作简单 [词典] simplicity of operator; [例句]这个特别的观片器操作简单,配有70张全彩幻灯片。 This special viewer is simple to use and comes with 70 full-colour slides.


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