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1.- Hello, may l talk to the headmaster now?- A.Sorry, he is busy at the moment (答案) 你好,可以和校长说话吗?A 对不起,他现在忙。 2.- Do you think I could borrow your dictionary?- C. Yes, heIp yourself 我能借你的字典用用吗? ...

1、company address 2、work phone 3、work experiences 4、position or title 5、job duties 6、imcome awards and join what teams 7、publications 8、Go abroad experience 希望对你有帮助

Good moring everyone.Now I would like to make an introduction of myself.My name is Alice,now 17 years old.I am a girl who is always optimistic about everything around me,and I like listening to classical music and watching roma...

我根据你的意思写一篇吧,不按照原文翻译,大部分是原文内容哦,看看可以不。提前祝你成功哦! good morning/afternoon, it's my hornor to meet you here, i am ××,manys thanks for giving this oppotunity. 上午/下午好,很荣幸在这见到你,...

A woman is taking photos. A boy is eating ice-cream. Some ladies are dancing. Some boys are playing football, sunning themselves and chatting with each other.

After cargo inspection finished, how should we deliever the cargo? Could you provide us the shipping address and contacter?

本人英语专业八级.希望有帮助~~~~~~ p.s.某些人8太负责啊~~~拿翻译软件骗积分~~~道德~~~??? 我可是一字一句翻的啊~~~~不管是否被采纳,态度最重要~~~~ Nowadays weight problems are becoming more and more serious in our school. 如今,体...

The participants to the exhibition from our company are Mr. xx, the Sale VP, and Mr. XX, CEO. From our Company, Mr. xx, CEO and Mr. xx, Sales VP will participate this exhibition.

I went to see the doctor.The doctor told me i had caught a bad cold. He asked me to drink more water and stayed in bed for two days.He also gave me some medicine. When i got home, i took the medicine and felt much better.

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