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so easy very easy 1.他是那种很容易上圈套的人。 He's the man that's easy to be noosed. 2.这种蓄电池很容易充电。 This kind of storage battery charges easily. 3.年轻观众很容易被这些商业广告引入歧途。 The teenage viewers are easily...

很容易 so easy 很容易lie in a nutshell 很容易be apt to

容易接受 英文翻译如下: easy to accept 双语例句: Therefore, attacks on Chinese traditional thought are relatively easy to accept and believed. 所以,对中华传统思想的评击,中外人们都比较容易接受,信以为真。

So easy,满街的广告用语啊 也要看语言环境 Sth is easy。。。 It's easy to。。。 easily 副词形式

你好, very easy 希望可以帮到你

It's very cool ! 读音: [ɪts] [ˈveri] [ku:l] 例句:Awesome. It's very cool you like that. And I hope you'll enjoy the CDs too. -Yeah, I will. 这太酷了。你喜欢那些非常好。我希望你也喜欢这些CD。 - 是的,我会的。 COOL通“...

easy to perceive...容易感知...... It is easy to perceive the contrast between their material prosperity and theemptiness of their lives. 他们物质富足,但生活空虚,这一差别是容易感知(察觉)的。 Male prison staff with the higher e...

游戏英文:game,play,sport,recreation.这四个单词都有游戏的意思,根据不同的语境用不同的单词。 game一词最普遍的译意为“游戏”,意为游乐嬉戏;玩耍。 在英语中game一词另外一个重要意义为“竞赛”、“运动会”,如:football game(足球比赛)...

taste terrible

good OK

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