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so easy very easy 1.他是那种很容易上圈套的人。 He's the man that's easy to be noosed. 2.这种蓄电池很容易充电。 This kind of storage battery charges easily. 3.年轻观众很容易被这些商业广告引入歧途。 The teenage viewers are easily...

It's so easy. 就是某点读机ad上的句子。

很容易 so easy 很容易lie in a nutshell 很容易be apt to

So easy

答案:It is easy for me to learn English well. 解析:句型:It is +形容词+for sb to do sth .【做某事对某人来说很容易】 注意;这个句型在初中阶段是个常考的题目,一定要记牢,所以本人建议你这道题用这种句型解答 好点。 欢迎追问,在线...

它对我来说很容易 英文:It's easy for me。 为总统服务对我来说很容易,因为我把它当做是我的职责。 “It was an easy sell for me, because I thought of it as kind of a duty, to serve the president,” said Mr.

lie in a nutshell 相关短语 in a nutshell 简单地,简约地 lie in a nutshell 一言以蔽之,一句话就可以说清楚,很容易,很简单 That's it in a nutshell. 简而言之就是这样 put sth in a nutshell 简要地陈述某事,简而言之 put in a nutshell 一...

你好, very easy 希望可以帮到你

It's easy to learn English well.学好英语很容易 There is a library between the bank and the supermarket. 在银行和超市之间有一个图书馆 There is no bus from my home to school. So I ride my bike to school. 所以我骑自行车去上学 My d...

I'am easy to be cheated on 一定不能忘了这个on cheat on sb.是个固定结构

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