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MYTH & ROID - STYX HELIX KOKIA-Exec_Cosmoflips. Dreamtale-The Dawn Aida Nikolaychuk-Lullaby 我想你要的可能是这种类型的歌



是不是这首,Paul Schwartz《Veni Redemptor Gentium》?

celine dion- Julia Volkova - All Because Of You 歌词: And it's all because of you(all because of you) So, and it's all because of you(all because of you) And it's all because of you (all because of you) So, and it's all becaus...

还有没有线索 这个太困难了

Can‘t Get You Out Of My Head--- Kylie Minogue

我是你的情妹妹是跟着你的辙 岁岁年年为你唱着不老的情歌 你若看见我含泪含泪的眼睛 你就把我抱上那你的勒勒车 你就把我抱上那 你的勒勒勒勒车

City of Angels - 30 Seconds to Mars There was truth, there was consequence, against you. A weak defense, then there's me. I'm 17, and looking for a fight. All my life, I was never there just a ghost, running scared. Here our dr...

《homesick》 Kings Of Convenience I'll lose some sales and my boss won't be happy, but I can't stop listening to the sound of two soft voices blended in perfection from the reels of this record that I've found. Every day there'...

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