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It is very easy to me.

【这样说。他肯定懂了】 Can you curl both of your hands and put them together to make a heart-shape?

这是个笑话,翻译成中文就是: ---对不起! ---我也对不起。 ---我对不起三。 ---你对不起什么? ---我对不起五。 说实话,这个笑话有点傻,没什么水平。


We work and learn hard to make our family members and ourselves live a happy life. study 侧重“大学”学习,深入研究、探讨 learn 侧重初等学习,学习新鲜事物等 不定式作状语,to do sth 表示目的 “生活的幸福”,其实这里“生活”是个动词。...

And that moment could be as long as a day or even a year, and it could be as short as the crow of a rooster. 希望对你有帮助

无论你如何谨慎的走在宁静的街道上,香港城市的膨胀人口将会渐渐填满这些宁静街道 ---- 不久的将来香港就会如此。 有以上句子很难直译,所以我采用了意译。

I have three pens,one is red ,another is blue, the third is black

Happy birthday to you of your 18th birthday, my best wishes to you on the 0'o clock. You now said goodbye to your under age, and enter into the life of being an adult, I sincerely wish you had more happiness.

从来都没有永远 一个永不会结束,也不会再现的故事……

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