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Unit 1 Part A Communicative Function 1. How are you?/ I'd like you to meet my classmate. 2. I'm.../ May I you?/ Pleased to meet you. 3. Come and meet my family./ ...this is Tom./ It's good to know you./ ...this i... 我是我在星火英语的官网看到的相关资料,希望能对你有所帮助。

capture the purple butterfly. But he was pulled by his mother.

I. D A B AD CACDC D C A D C CB DDBCBA II. 1. pleased 2. worried 3. smiling 4. laugh5. collecting III. 1. What did, go, for 2. When did, come 3.Did, use to be 4. doesn’t taste 5. do they IV. 1. More and more 2. is popularwith 3....



作为大学生,这个要靠自己独立思考,自己独立完成。 《新世纪大学英语视听说教程》是2007年5月上海外语教育出版社出版的图书,作者是(美)Susan Stempl。 《视听说教程:学生用书1》科学性、系统性和时代性的完美体现:以国内外先进外语教学理论为...

Since I came to middle school, I have to learn so many subjects, at first, I could not catch up with my classmates, I felt so worried. So I decided to keep studying every night. After finishing dinner, I went to my bedroom and ...

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