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Help me do the homework Help me to do the homework

I am doing my homework.

after i have breakfeast ,i go to my friend home to do homework

How about go swimming?What do you think about going swimming.

英语是:I help him with his homework, and he helps me with my study. 句子解释: help 英[help] 美[hɛlp] vt. 帮助; 有助于, 有利于; vt. 治疗; 避免; 招待(客人); 给…盛(饭、菜); n. 帮助; 助手; 补救办法; 有用; [例句]He has h...

be flat out of She is flat out of patience 她已经失去耐心。 run out(= become used up)其主语通常为时间、食物以及金钱等名词 His money soon ran out of用完了,表示主动含义,主语一般是人。 He is always running out of money...

While my mother is washing clothes Iam doing my homework

I am writing my homework, but my pen is broken, and I only have this one. Can you lend me a pen? 请采纳 谢谢

I did my homework yesterday. 如果是昨天某特定时间,则是:I was doing my homework yesterday. 没有上下文不好确定啊!

但是做这些前,我必须先做完家庭作业 But I have to finish my homework before doing these things.

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