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让我们一起努力吧 Let's make a concerted effort! 让我们一块儿吃饭吧 Suppose we dine together. 让我们一块吧! Let's sing together. 在这样一个盛大的节日,让我们共同欢庆吧! Let us rejoice together on this great occasion. 让我们一...

Let's combine our efforts. 让我们一起努力吧! Let's coordinate our efforts. 我们共同努力吧。

Let's work together for our future.

Let's work together for a bright future!

lz,你好。 英文意思是To his own goals, fighting

Together we fight it, come on! 望采讷.

Let 's try hard together.

Alright, let's fight together for our dreams.

우리 함께 진보하고 함께 노력합시다. 请参考

Let't work hard for the protection of the environment 希望我的回答能够让你满意,祝好。

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