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我要去写作业. 对应的英语: I'm going to do my homework. (be going to do:要去做某事)。

I won’t do my homework by myself anymore. Today, I did my homework by myself.

你好! 今天我有太多的家庭作业要做 I have too much homework to do today

I plan to finish my homework today 我计划今天写完作业 希望能帮到你

I enquired my teacher about today's homework or I asked my teacher about today's homework

My mum said that I could play computer games after finishing my homework.

今天是4月1日,我的听读作业完成 Today is April 1st, I finished my listening and reading homework

I get up early today.My parents are out,so I make meal.After eating,I begin to do my homework,then I clean the bedroom.I go to sleep in the noon.And I go to watch TV at night.How ordinary a day.

I like saturday. I do my English homework nad draw pictures today. 上海精锐教育 春申中心 温馨提示

周记(1) 实习第一个礼拜,算是适应期。主要了解一些公司的背景、产品、发展方向等。另外,尝试更同事多沟通,从交谈中也能够学到不少东西。同事们都很热心,很照顾我,经常在我碰到困难的时候便主动伸出援助之手,令我非常感动。 几天之后开始...

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