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Today, I am at home doing homework 麻烦采纳,谢谢!

你好! 今天我有太多的家庭作业要做 I have too much homework to do today

以后我不会自己写作业了 I won't write my homework later. 今天 [词典] today; now; present; [电影] A Reason to Live; [例句]姶今天算起仅有三天。 It's only three days from today.

Today is Sunday, let's do homework together at my home. Today is Sunday, come to my home and do homework together.

I enquired my teacher about today's homework or I asked my teacher about today's homework

今天是4月1日,我的听读作业完成 Today is April 1st, I finished my listening and reading homework

I forgot to do my homework this morning. 今天早上我忘记做作业了

Hello, it's Sunday today, come today my home to do the homework together.

I get up early today.My parents are out,so I make meal.After eating,I begin to do my homework,then I clean the bedroom.I go to sleep in the noon.And I go to watch TV at night.How ordinary a day.


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